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Highlands Energy has been focused on providing California residents, businesses, and schools with clean energy solutions since 1985.

Our years in the field have allowed us to streamline processes making it simple for you to put solar on your home. Our four-step process ensures that we will design an energy system that fits your budget, needs, and expectations.

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Why go solar?
Here are a few ways solar savings may help.

Cut down electric bills and re-imagine financial independence.

We can help you spin that meter backward. Imagine cutting electricity bills to as low as $10.00 to $40.00 per month! Where else would you like to spend the extra savings? Take a vacation, invest in a family cabin, buy a classic car – only you know your limitations and desires.

Boost your home's value by $15,000 to $25,000!

The Department of Energy states that homes that own rooftop solar average a $15,000.00 higher value than those without. Additionally, the SunShot Initiative (Dept. of Energy) and  Lawrence Berkely Research National Laboratory research prove solar PV adds around $25,000.00 to a home’s market value.

Gain peace of mind - choose a provider who's experienced and local.

Solar contractors with local ownership and a longstanding track record provide greater peace of mind. Highlands Energy has been providing local energy solutions to homes, schools, and businesses in California since 1985.

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    • Assess Your Energy Needs

      Your dedicated solar consultant will visit your home to educate and present your energy saving options.

    • Secure Project Financing

      We will help you find the right ownership financing option based on your individual needs.

    • Design The System

      Our boutique design team will ensure you receive a system that best meets your aesthetic, budget and energy saving goals.

    • Install The System

      Your project will be installed quickly, professionally and backed with multiple warranties - giving you complete peace of mind.

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