Go Solar with Highlands Energy to Turn your Money-Saving Dreams Into Reality

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With just one call, we’ll help you get started with solar savings that can add up to well over $100,000 in the span of 25 years.

From the moment, you turn your reliance to energy from the sun, you’ll shave off over 90% of your utility bill. Get out of paying enormous electrical bills that continue to rise with no end in sight.

We keep it simple. No sales gimmicks. We’ll assess your family’s energy and needs and consider the best solar energy solution to meet your budget. We’ll help you find the best financing option that gives you full ownership of your dream solar system. After our boutique designers create the blueprint that matches your aesthetics, we quickly and professionally install your new system to get you on the road to substantial money savings without incurring additional hidden costs.

Imagine how much money your household could save when we help you with this smooth transition to solar energy—Hundreds per month and thousands per year!

How will your family enjoy your newfound savings? Sure, you can allocate your savings to your kid’s college fund or braces, or you can finally pull up those old carpets and replace your faded curtains, but we’ve got a few more imaginative ideas. Taking a cue from the San Francisco State University study that reveals that buying experiences leads to greater long-term happiness than material purchases, invest in your wildest dreams:

  • Travel places you’ve never been before. Scoop up the family to go on a whirlwind tour of the best amusement parks in the U.S. Or abscond on a romantic venture with your spouse and rent a castle in Ireland. For a completely adult adventure, let it all hang out at Nevada’s Red Rock Burning Man Art Festival. Go to unseen parts of the world for a truly unique experience—increase your appreciation of wildlife at Galapagos Island, go to the Barbados and experience night diving in a submarine, go on an African safari, or even take a hot air balloon ride at the North Pole. Or simply splurge on first class tickets the next time you board a plane to parts unknown.
  • Take your hobby to the next level or learn a new one. What’s your pleasure? Invest in VIP ticket packages and meet and greet your favorite artist before or after the show. If you’re looking for that once-in-a-lifetime experience for concertgoers, hire your favorite performer and throw your own private show. When you can’t get enough of the NASCAR experience, drive a real racecar or speed around the track chauffeured by a professional racecar driver. Get exclusive tickets to Wimbledon and watch the prestigious rivalry between the best tennis players in the world. Go skydiving in Snohomish, Washington, for a 360-degree view of the mountains and the sea. Foodies enjoy a multitude of worldwide adventures, including truffle hunting in Italy and an exclusive reservation at a 3-star Michelin restaurant. Join local food and wine clubs, or become a member of an exclusive golf club. Learn a new hobby, too, by taking surfing lesson in Baja California, diving lessons at the Red Sea, or ice sculpting classes worldwide.
  • Pamper yourself and a loved one. Elevate the spa experience to a new level by taking a volcanic mud bath in Columbia. Or maybe a fish pedicure is more your style. Commune with nature and rent a tree house for your overnight accommodations. Shopping therapy can be had in some of the most colorful street markets in the world. Provence, France, has more markets than you can check out in just one visit, Bangkok, Thailand boasts vendors selling from boats, you’ll find a cache of spices and exotic foods at Istanbul, Turkey street markets, and London, England’s tradition of antique and flea markets can’t be beat. For a cornucopia of handmade clothing, ceramics, jewelry, and carpets, shop for traditional Rajasthan folk art in Jaipur, India or Mayan arts and crafts in Chichicastenango, Guatemala.
  • Shower others with your generosity for ultimate happiness. Giving to a well-deserving charity warms the heart, but for more personal gratification, you might like to try these suggestions: surprise a loved one by showering her with roses, deliver a message in the sky via blimp or skywriter, hire a professional filmmaker to produce a video keepsake, or simply honor your fellow bar mates and pick up the tab. Fund local community efforts, such as local cancer race-for-the-cure events and Thanksgiving meals for the needy.

The key is to invest in memories, not stuff, to reach deep, personal contentment. Start your fun money savings by gaining financial independence from skyrocketing electric bills. Go solar with Highlands Energy—schedule a free, no obligation consultation at 559-456-1814.

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