How Highlands Energy Makes Solar Hot Water Solutions Simple

Making solar hot water solutions simple is about providing you with the most reliable system available. That’s why we only install the Active System Drainback, manufactured by Alternate Energy Technologies (AET). With over 3 decades of solar manufacturing experience, Energy Star ratings, and extended warranties, an AET system is all you need to dodge those hefty hot water heating bills (by up to 38% in some cases).

Each system is designed to last for at least 30 years of dependable service. What traditional water heating system can make that claim? Their attractive designs are manufactured in the U.S., featuring cutting edge “flat plate” solar thermal collectors to harness the sun’s energy. All of AET’s components are rated and approved by the Solar Rating and Certification Corporation (SRCC) and the International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials’ (IAPMO) Uniform Solar Energy Code (USEC).

Worried about the cost of investment? Don’t be. Every product we install is approved through the California Energy Commission (CEC) and eligible for any of their Solar Thermal Rebate Programs.*

What are the Advantages to the AET Active System Drainback for Solar Water Heating? Compared with other solar hot water systems, expect:

  • No danger of system overheating—Sensors monitor performance, so that the pump turns off when the tank reaches a pre-set temperature. The heat transfer fluid (typically water) drains out of the collector to avoid overheating.
  • Avoid the possibility of freezing—The temperature sensor prevents the pump from turning on in freezing temperatures.
  • Ward off hard water scaling and clogging—The Active System Drainback system is a closed loop system, which prevents air and new water from entering the collector. This limits the amount of minerals that cause scaling. AET uses heat exchangers that have large enough areas to stop the potable side of the exchanger from getting scaled.

Because scaling is prevented and there are no motorized valves to fail, maintenance is easy and requires no more attention than a standard, old-fashioned water heater. Here at Highlands Energy Solar, we’re happy to perform a standard yearly inspection to flush of scale from the bottom of the tank to keep your system running for many years to come.

We proudly offer a wide range of AET’s Active Drainback solar water heating systems. We consider your climate zone, your number of bedrooms, the pitch of your roof, and more as a “rule of thumb” to determine the drainback system, storage tank size, and collector square footage that is the best for your family’s needs.

Discover the perfect solar water heating solution. Contact us today at (559) 456-1814 to get started on the road to energy independence. There is no cost to your consultation, and our solar water heating experts welcome your questions.


* Natural Gas Customers Only in PG&E, So Cal Gas and San Diego Gas territory.

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